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Los Angeles Music Center


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Family and Community Programs at the Music Center
Music Center Program

Music Center Family Program at Disney Concert Hall

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The Music Center offers a variety of programs throughout the year to make music and dance accessible to the community.

Family Programs

World City - Free outdoor world music, dance and cultural performances for families one Saturday per month.

Pillow Theatre - Outdoor interactive performances geared toward 3 to 6-year-olds followed art workshops in the garden.

Performing Books - Children's books about performing arts are acted out for children at the LA Central Library.


A Taste of Dance is an annual program in the spring. For one Saturday, back-to-back 20-minute dance lessons on the Music Center Plaza introduce participants to the diversity of world dance styles available in LA. Lessons are usually $1 per 20-minute session.

Dance Downtown brings dancers out to the Plaza on Friday nights from May through September to try out different dance styles. Lessons are usually free.

Instrumental Programs

The "Get Your Chops Back" series invites people who have ever played a particular instrument to dust it off and come out and play for fun. Instruments vary. Check the website for schedule.

Drum Downtown is a public drumming circle on the Plaza on select Saturdays through the summer.


Friday Night Sing-Alongs on select Friday nights over the summer.

Music Center Holiday Sing-Along and Jingle Bell Sing

Check the Music Center Family Program Schedule.

Information was accurate at publication. Please check www.musiccenter.org for the most current information.
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