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Romantic Los Angeles Part 2 - More Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles


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Kayak to a Picnic at Huntington Harbor
Huntington Harbor, Sunset Beach, CA

Huntington Harbor, Sunset Beach, CA

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Stillwater kayaking can be a romantic way to spend a few hours on a sunny Southern California day. It's easier to have a conversation while gliding along inland waterways, disturbed only by the occasional wake of a motorboat, than to have to holler over the ocean waves. I also find moseying along side by side in individual kayaks is more conducive to flirting than when you're seated one in front of the other, but if one of you is a much stronger paddler, I recommend a tandem kayak so the weaker paddler doesn't get frustrated trying to keep up.

There are many lovely places where you can kayak through peaceful canals, marinas or inland bays. One of my favorites is Huntington Harbor in Sunset Beach, where there are tiny little pocket beaches where you can pull over and picnic.

Another is kayaking around Naples Island in Long Beach. The route around the small inner island under all the bridges is charming, but there's nowhere to stop and picnic. However, there's plenty of beach where you rent the kayaks, and also another stretch at Marine Park on the opposite side of the big island.

Kayaking at Huntington Harbor in Sunset Beach

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