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Hollywood Bowl


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The Hollywood Bowl Experience
View from the Benches at the Hollywood Bowl

View from the Benches at the Hollywood Bowl

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The Hollywood Bowl hosts top-notch musicians, including their "house band," the LA Philharmonic orchestra, as well as occasional theatre productions. However, any Angeleno will tell you that more than the music, you go to the Bowl for the experience - a picnic to live music under the stars surrounded by the Hollywood Hills. Some people don't even bother to check to see what's playing before deciding they feel like a night of live music under the stars, and just show up to see if there happen to be tickets available. However, I would recommend that if you really want to include the Hollywood Bowl in your visit to LA, that you check the schedule and choose a night with the kind of music you prefer, since there's a big difference between the classical, jazz or rock concert vibe.

The venue is huge, seating 18,000. If you're in the cheap seats, you really can't see much on the stage, so bring your binoculars (you can also rent some). The big screens that were added to either side of the stage help some, but if you want to SEE the concert and not just hear it, you'll need to pay for the better seats. For orchestra concerts it's not a big deal, but the set-up is not really conducive to the theatrical productions that are periodically staged here.

Dress for a picnic and be prepared for temperatures to dip significantly once the sun goes down.

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