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Hollywood Bowl


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Hollywood Bowl Seating
Aerial View of the Hollywood Bowl

Aerial View of the Hollywood Bowl

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In a venue that can seat 18,000 people, clearly not all seats at the Hollywood Bowl are created equal in comfort, view or listening experience.

Box Seats
The Box Seats up front have canvas deck chairs that you can move around. So for your pre-show picnic, you can sit facing each other around a small table, then turn all the chairs to the stage for the concert.

Super Seats
What the Hollywood Bowl calls Super Seats are molded plastic auditorium seats like those that you'll find at most sports arenas. These are immediately behind the Box Seats.

Bench Seats

Most of the seats at the Hollywood Bowl are slatted wooden bench seats with backs. It can be a tight squeeze in the benches with people bundled up against the chilly evening and carrying all kinds of picnic gear. Cushions are available for rent, or you can bring your own.

There is NO lawn seating.

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