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The Short-Lived Laserium in Hollywood


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Laserium in Hollywood
Laserium Led Zeppelin Light Show

Laserium Led Zeppelin Light Show

Photo © 2009 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
LASERIUM IS CLOSED Laserium CyberTheater at the Vine Theater
Address: 6321 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
Website:: www.laserium.com

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Laserium CyberTheater at the Vine Theater is not your father's Laserium, even if they have resurrected the original Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin titles from their extensive catalogue of light shows.

Laserium is a familiar name to anyone who has been around a couple decades. The original Laserium light show was created in 1973 at the Planetarium in the Griffith Observatory and re-created in 40 other cities from the late 1970s though the mid 1990s. Laserium was reborn in July 2009 in the first-of-its-kind CyberTheater created in the Vine Theater, a historic 1930s movie theater near the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

The technology has grown from one projector and one screen at the Griffith Observatory to six laser projectors and three video projectors, with added computer graphics. They've also added fog to show beams of light through space and a scrim to add 3D effects with the light beams. There are more lasers in this theater than anywhere else on the planet.

"We have two California Certified Laserists." says Jonathan Todd, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Laserium. It took years and years to develop their skills to this level. When you see the horse galloping at you, it's amazing. The animations are fixed, created by a series of light beams hitting mirrors so fast they fool your eye into thinking it's a smooth line, but the laserists are creating the rest of the show live and feeding off the audience. They are deciding how fast they are going to spin their mirrors, when and how they will break the beams of light and how that dance dovetails with the other guy." …continue

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