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Starring You - Hollywood


Get Your Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Starring You

My very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Starring You!

Photo by Starring You
Starring You
6773 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
Hours: 10 am to midnight

Get your best celebrity stud or starlet outfit on when exploring Hollywood, because you never know when an amazing photo opportunity will appear. I was so under-dressed for my moment in the spotlight at Starring You!

Starring You is a photo opportunity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where you can get a photo posing with your very own star. After walking the red carpet, you have your picture taken with a blank star, and then have your name and preferred icon added digitally, resulting in a print of you posing next to your star on the Walk of Fame.

The five icons you can choose are the same as the ones actually awarded in the categories of film, television, broadcast radio, recording and live theatre. Multiple people can pose in one photo, so a group of family, friends or band members can get a photo together. Now there's a shot for your vision board.

The red-carpeted Starring You Studio is in a tiny storefront two doors down from the Hollywood Wax Museum (and owned by the same family). There is also a mobile unit that operates during the day in front of the Hollywood & Highland shopping and entertainment complex. The outdoor version is more realistic, since you are actually ON the Walk of Fame. They could use a bit of green screen technology to get the indoor one to look more realistic.