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Queen Mary Visitors Guide


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Queen Mary Tips and Tricks
Deck Chairs on the Queen Mary

Deck Chairs on the Queen Mary

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The Passport Bus

The Long Beach Transit red Passport Bus C will take you from Pine Avenue and 1st Street in Downtown Long Beach to the Queen Mary for free. During big events, you can avoid the parking delays by taking the bus. The Passport Bus is one block from the end of the Metro Blue Line. Passport Bus Schedule

Separate Entrance for Hotel and Restaurant Guests

If you're going to one of the restaurants, bars or nightlife activities on the ship, get in the hotel lane of parking, drive around past the valet parking to the self-park area closest to the ship, and enter through the hotel entrance, rather than through the main Seawalk attraction entrance.

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Super Tip: Most of the attraction areas that are open to the public for the price of admission are also available to explore if you happen to be on board for dinner, drinks, or other nightlife options. The Observation Bar opens at noon, when all the self-guided tour areas are free to explore. For the price of a couple drinks, $10-$20, you can get your parking validated (so it's $7 instead of $15) and explore the ship.

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