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Queen Mary Visitors Guide


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Exhibits Aboard the Queen Mary
WWII Exhibit on the Queen Mary

WWII Exhibit on the Queen Mary

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The main Queen Mary exhibits, accessible on the Self-Guided Tour, re-create her history as both an elegant ocean liner and a military transport.

Cruise liner exhibits include staterooms, dining rooms, beauty salon, gym, hospital, nursery, and additional exhibits of furnishings, art and cruise clothing of the period.

The military exhibits include sleeping quarters, galley, hospital, and uniforms as well as military documents and a documentary about the ship's military time.

Other exhibits include the engine room, the wheel house and the radio room. An Art Gallery houses a collection of original art from the ship.

The Queen Mary also hosts touring exhibits in various other spaces aboard the ship.

Currently the long-running Diana: Legacy of a Princess showcases a collection of evening gowns, dresses, personal accessories, photographs, heirlooms and other memorabilia associated with Princess Diana and the Royal Family. This exhibit is open until 7 pm daily.

Next to the Queen Mary is the Russian Foxtrot Submarine "Scorpion." The sub was built in 1972 in Leningrad and used to search for and track enemy forces during the Cold War, especially in the Pacific Ocean. It was decommissioned by the Russian Navy in 1994, and found a new home next to the Queen Mary attraction in 1998 after a brief tour in Australia. It is available to tour with combined or separate admission.

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