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Queen Mary Visitors Guide


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Daytime Tours of the Queen Mary
The Behind the Scenes Tour on the Queen Mary

The Behind the Scenes Tour on the Queen Mary explores the original art and craftsmanship on the ship.

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General admission to the Queen Mary includes a self-guided tour of the main exhibits and the Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary special effects show. If you don't have a lot of time, you'll see more exhibits on the Self-Guided Tour than on the guided tours, because the guided tours skip most of the exhibit areas.

The Ghosts and Legends special effects show is pretty tame, but can be scary for young children.

If you have time for more, the Queen Mary also offers a variety of guided tours that take you into areas off limits to the general public and focus on different aspects of the ship and its history.

The The Glory Days Behind the Scenes Tour gives a historical overview and introduces you to the original art and craftsmanship of the ship. It includes a look into various ballrooms, the Veranda Grill and the first class swimming pool.

The Her finest Hour WWII Tour focuses on the military history of the ship, including a lot of outdoor areas of the ship.

The Haunted Encounters Tour takes you to spots throughout the ship where ghosts have allegedly been sighted, including the Observation Bar, engine room, a couple staterooms and the first class swimming pool.

The Russian Foxtrot Submarine "Scorpion" is available for self-guided tours for an additional fee. The submarine is not handicapped accessible.

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