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The Kiosko in the Plaza at Olvera Street


The kiosko or bandstand at Olvera Street

A nativity scene for Christmas in the kiosko or bandstand at Olvera Street

Photo © 2008 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
The Plaza was the center of community life for the first settlers in Los Angeles. It is a square space with a circle of shade trees surrounding a bandstand or kiosko (in Mexican Spanish) where events are held.

The Pobladores Plaque in the Plaza is dedicated to those first settlers of the City of Angels. According to the plaque, the original 44 settlers were Negro, Mulatto (Negro and Spanish), Indian, Mestizo (Indian and Spanish), and a couple Spaniards.

The Plaza or Plazita is often used for festivals at Olvera Street including Dia de Los Muertos Novenarios, Cinco de Mayo, the Christmas Posadas, the Blessing of the Animals, the Chinese Lantern Festival, the annual LA Heritage Day and many more.
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