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Television City

CBS Television City in Hollywood


CBS Television City in Los Angeles

CBS Television City in Los Angeles

Photo by Gary Minnaert via Wikimedia Commons
CBS Television City
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
CBS Television City is one of two CBS television and movie studios in Los Angeles (the other is CBS Studio Center in Studio City). Television City is located on Beverly Blvd and Fairfax Avenue, just north of the Farmers Market in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles.

You'll be headed to Television City if you're coming to LA to be in the audience for the Price is Right. If you're lucky, you might also score tickets to tapings for Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. Other shows you can see taped at CBS Television City include Real Time with Bill Maher, and CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as well as a few sitcoms.

CBS Television City does NOT offer regular tours to the public.

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