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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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Solé Terrace and Cabañas
Cabanas at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Private Cabanas at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
The Solé Terrace is located above Café Solé. You can reserve a Cabaña on the Solé Terrace to have some private space for two to 14 people. These cabañas are not the typical poolside canopies that you find at most resorts. They are furnished alcoves that are part of the actual building structure. The four cabañas are various sizes to accommodate different sized groups. They are all open to the terrace on one side except for the glass-enclosed Cypress Cabaña, which is air conditioned and heated. If you have an especially large group, you can book the entire Terrace for up to 100 people.

Each Cabaña is furnished with a sofa and chairs in the alcove, as well as a dining table and chairs, with lounge chairs on the open deck overlooking the grounds and pools below.

The Cabañas are stocked with fruit and water and have concierge service. The "Cabaña Boys" can book your spa treatments and take your lunch orders so you don't have to move any farther than you want to from your cozy nook. Cabaña patrons can book a moisture masque in the Grotto any time of day for the discounted morning price.

The Solé Terrace has a slightly saline hot tub that seats about 20 people for exclusive use of Cabaña guests. The only thing they're missing upstairs is a restroom, but there's one just downstairs in the Café.

We had the air conditioned Cypress Cabaña at our disposal, but didn't spend a lot of time inside since it was a gorgeous day and there were plenty of free loungers near each pool we visited. We did take advantage of closing ourselves inside to enjoy our nachos away from the bees that seem to be attracted to food on the upper Terrace.

If you don't need a whole Cabaña, you can reserve Terrace Lounge Chairs that also include concierge service. This can be especially worth it on a busy summer Saturday, so you can have a guaranteed place to sit and don't have to wait in line for lunch.

Tip: If you book any Cabaña in winter, you might get upgraded to the heated Cabaña if it is available.

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