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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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Fitness Activities at Glen Ivy
Glen Ivy Water Aerobics Class

Glen Ivy Water Aerobics Class

Photo courtesy of Glen Ivy hot Springs Spa
Glen Ivy Hot Springs is more about relaxation than fitness, but in deference to those who think a "health" spa should have some exercise options, there are a few ways you break up your bouts of relaxation with some calorie burning.

Lap Pool - swim laps at your leisure.

Water Aerobics classes take place each afternoon in the Lap Pool.

Yoga classes are offered on the front lawn Friday through Sunday.

Bath House and Roman Baths
The Mineral Springs and Pools
Club Mud
The Grotto
Spa Treatments
Café Sole and Paradise Bar
Sole Terrace and Cabañas
Fitness Activities
Tips for Visiting
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