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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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The Bath House and Roman Baths
The Roman Bath in the Women's Bath House at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

The Roman Bath in the Women's Bath House at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
The Bath House is your first stop once you have checked in to Glen Ivy Hot Springs. In addition to locker rooms with showers, you'll find steam rooms and an indoor Roman Bath on both the Women's and Men's side. There's also a lounge area inside the locker room and a comfortable waiting area in the lobby in case you want to wait for the rest of your party in a climate controlled area.

If you'd like to open a tab so you can charge purchases for food, drinks and treatments throughout the day, you can do that at the front desk at the Bath House. If you're over 21 with ID, you can request a wristband so you don't have to carry your ID around if you're planning on consuming alcohol (which the Spa recommends against, but makes available nevertheless).

Since the majority of guests are women, the women's facilities in the bath house are larger than the men's, so the man in our group had to wait in line to shower (even though it wasn't that busy), while there were abundant showers available in the ladies room on a Sunday evening. The Men's area has a big screen TV tuned to a sports channel, but that doesn't balance out the shower shortage.

The saunas are not in the Bath House, they're at Sauna Court near the spa treatment buildings above the Mineral Baths. The dry saunas are another option for opening your pores before visiting Club Mud.

Tips: Use the Glen Ivy body moisturizer dispensed from each sink to re-moisturize after all that chlorine; use the handy swimsuit wringer to wring out your wet suit and bag it for the trip home.

Bath House and Roman Baths
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