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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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The Springs at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Glen Ivy Hot Springs

The sulfer baths are just one of the many pools and spas at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
The original geothermal Mineral Baths at Glen Ivy are the main attraction for many, although some avoid the sulfur smell. The 104 degree hot springs baths are set up in a row of sunken jet tubs. The large central bath seats up to about twenty, while multiple side tubs seat up to four each, but are mostly used by two people at a time. The maximum 20-minute time limit in the Mineral Baths is only enforced if there are people waiting.

For those who can't tolerate the sulfur, an alternative Saline Pool offers the opportunity to soak sore muscles in Epsom salts.

The first pool you pass after you enter the facility is a Lap Pool kept at a comfortable 85 degrees - nice for cooling off between hot tubs and sitting in the hot desert sun. Water Aerobics take place each afternoon in the Lap Pool.

Another popular spot to hang out is the Lounge Pool. People float pretty much bumper to bumper on comfy foam rafts in two feet of water. The idea didn't really appeal to me until I tried it for myself, then I didn't want to get out. The floats are a lot more comfortable than lying in a lounge chair. The water temperature is kept refreshingly cool in summer and warm in winter.

The resort claims to have 19 pools and baths, which must be counting each of the separate mineral spring baths. If you count that as one, I count 11 pools and baths that are open to everyone, including the Roman Baths in the Bath House, plus a hot tub on the Solé Terrace reserved for those who book Cabañas.

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