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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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Club Mud at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Club Mud at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA

Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Club Mud is the only therapeutic red clay mud bath in California where visitors can smear themselves (or each other) head to toe in red clay, whose mineral properties help draw out impurities and exfoliate, leaving skin amazingly soft and smooth.

The dry clay is mined nearby in the Temescal Valley and mixed with water from the mineral springs to form the soft clay used in Club Mud. You can immerse yourself in the red clay pool, or use a pile of clay kept moist by a spraying mist. It's fun to slosh around in the thigh-deep pool, but it's hard to cover your legs while they're under water, so the pile of clay outside the pool is good for that.

In the summer, it's pleasant to dry out in the sun. On cooler winter days, you might want to try the Wafa drying chamber. Once dry, you brush off the top layer of mud and shower off the rest in the shower caves that are scattered around Club Mud. Don't follow the crowd. The shower caves to the left of the clay pool and just behind it to the right seem to be less crowded since they blend pretty well into the landscape.

It is recommended that you visit Club Mud after the Mineral Baths so that your pores are opened up by the heat (the sauna or steam room can have a similar pore-opening effect). It's nice to do the mud bath early in the day so you can get rid of all those dead skin cells before using all the other pools (by the end of the day, there's a scum of dead skin and sunscreen floating on the various jet tubs).

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