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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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The Grotto at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
The Grotto at Glen Ivy

A woman gets painted with a body masque in the Grotto at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
The Grotto is an underground series of rooms with cave walls that would make Disney imagineers proud. For an extra fee, you descend to the caverns to receive a full-body moisture treatment. Reservations are required for the Grotto, but you can usually schedule your whole group to go at the same time.

The Grotto is located just beyond the Bath House. You exit the elevator and deposit shoes, cover-ups and sundry into a numbered bin before going through the glass door into the caves. You're greeted on the other side by a bevy of women with paintbrushes, and you're assigned to the one who will paint you green from the neck down with a body moisturizer of aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, and other elements.

From there you move through to a sauna cavern where you spend some time rubbing in the moisturizer and hanging out in the heat before stepping through to the shower room, lined with multi-headed granite shower caves along both sides, each big enough for two.

Once you have showered off the green masque, you can cool off and relax with a cup of chai tea or ice water in a lounge chamber. Bring your green towel from the shower room though; the cave-surface benches are pretty rough.

There's an even cooler mist chamber with a flowing waterfall, but it was too cool for us, so we headed back out to the sunshine.

Staff recommends doing the Grotto moisturizing treatment after Club Mud. The price of the Grotto treatment rises throughout the day, so it's most economical to do it before noon. On the other hand, it's kind of nice to do it at the end of the day after your skin has been dried out by all the chlorine pools.

Timing isn't really that big an issue though. We did it early in the day, before we enjoyed all the skin-drying chlorine pools. A nice layer of Glen Ivy body moisturizer in the Bath House at the end of the day restored my skin to a super soft and moist condition that is still lingering days later.

Tip: If you reserve a Cabaña on the Solé Terrace, you can get the morning price all day long.

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