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Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour


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Café Solé at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
Café Solé at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Ahi with Soba Noodles at Café Solé at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Café Solé is a full-service restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining areas. The restaurant serves breakfast until 10 am and lunch thereafter, specializing in healthfully prepared salads and sandwiches dominated by free-range chicken and local produce.

There aren't a lot of snack options on the restaurant menu. We ordered the chicken nachos, a mountain of blue corn chips with a combination of real cheese, cheese sauce and chicken bites. They should have stuck with the real cheese, but it was tasty.

For a late lunch, we were happy with the free range chicken panini that came with a huge bowl of soup, and the tuna salad, which was refreshingly light on the mayo with very fresh greens.

Prices are mid-range, not super-expensive, and portions are generous. Breakfast is the best deal but ends too early at 10 am.

Paradise Bar overlooking the Lounge Pool also provides snacks and beverages.

Tip: Lunchtime waits can be quite long on the weekends. Plan to eat early or late, or pack a cooler in the car and slip out to the front lawn for a picnic.

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