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Griffith Observatory Visitors Guide


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The Telescopes
East Dome of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

The East Dome of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles houses the original Zeiss Telescope

Photo © 2007 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
The Griffith Observatory was fitted with four permanent telescopes. A Zeiss Telescope with a 12 inch refractor allows for exceptional viewing of the night sky. Visitors can climb up to the east rooftop dome for a close-up look at the moon or planets, or they can view images from the telescope projected into an exhibit in the Hall of the Eye.

Three solar telescopes are located in the West Rotunda. One offers a white light view of the sun; another shows a view through an H-alpha filter (spectrohelioscope) and the third shows a solar spectrum. Live images from these three telescopes are projected into exhibits in the Hall of the Sky.

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