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San Pedro CA Photo Tour


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Things to Do in San Pedro, CA
San Pedro CA

The San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles on Pt. Fermin at the southeast corner of the Palos Verde Peninsula, seen from a Zeppelin Tour.

Photo © 2011 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
I've gotten several emails from people taking cruises from the Port of Los Angeles things to do while they are "stuck" in San Pedro. Although the San Pedro neighborhood where the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal is located is a bit off the main tourist trail, I wouldn't consider spending time in this port-side community a hardship.

Industrial fishing has been significantly reduced in recent years and many of the canneries have closed, but this is still a fishing town, and it has a bit of that fishing village air (as in style, not smell) about it. The residential areas closest to the waterfront are modest cottages with an East Coast feel.

Unlike most of the coast in Southern California, San Pedro has a scenic craggy shoreline with steep cliffs. Pt. Fermin juts out to the south from the eastern end of the Palos Verde Peninsula before the coast cuts north into the Port. Although the Pacific Ocean is to the south, most of the waterfront attractions in San Pedro face east into the harbor channel. From the hills in San Pedro, you can look across the harbor to Downtown Long Beach.

The primary attractions in San Pedro are related to three areas, the waterfront and nautical attractions; the strategic military role played on water and land and the remaining historic buildings; and the thriving arts community.

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