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TV Show Tickets in Los Angeles


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Talk Show Tapings
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For some Talk Shows, you can find out the scheduled celebrity guests ahead of time; for others you just have to take your chances. If your dates are flexible, you can check the show's website before checking ticket brokers, to see if they list who will be appearing.

Some talk shows tape more than one episode in a day.

After waiting in line for an hour or more, you are shown into the studio. Talk shows usually have nicer seating areas than sitcoms because the audience is seen on camera. The areas most visible to the camera are seated first.

If you want to be on camera, dress nicely and show up early. Audience coordinators determine who sits where. Because the audience is seen on camera, dress codes for talk shows are more strictly enforced, but many audiences are made up of tourists on vacation, so as long as you don't look too scruffy or wear your clothes too baggy, or too skimpy, they will try to find someplace to seat you. It's usually cold in the studios.

A warm up person will come out to get the audience excited about the show. There is usually less down time in a talk show taping compared to sitcoms, because there aren't as many camera moves and do-overs.

Nighttime talk shows all contain comedy "bits" which are often pre-recorded, especially if they involve doing things outside the studio, so you may see these "bits" on TV monitors above the audience, rather than seeing them being taped live.

A nice perk of being in the audience of a talk show that includes musical performances, is that you often get to experience more of the performance than is broadcast. Usually, musical performances are in the studio. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is the exception, with a separate outdoor concert stage behind the studio which requires a separate ticket.

See Audience Etiquette for more tips.

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