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Things to Do in LA


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Take a Tour of Los Angeles
Starline Tour Bus

Starline Tour Bus in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Photo © 2012 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
When I travel, I like taking tours early in my visit to give me an overview of things I want to go back and visit in more detail. So when I have time, I schedule a full city tour as soon as I arrive. If I have more time, I also like to find quirky tours that introduce me to something out of the ordinary, like a food tour or a ghost tour. Los Angeles has just about any kind of tour you can imagine, from all-day city tours to movie or music-themed tours to ghost, food and crime scene tours. You can tour LA on foot, by bike, horse, limo, trolley, bus, boat, helicopter or plane. There are too many options to fit them all on one page, so I've broken them into categories.
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