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Things to Do in LA


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Visit a Los Angeles Museum
Museum Row on the Miracle Mile sign on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles

Museum Row on the Miracle Mile sign on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles area has over 230 museums, including some of the top art museums in the world and some really offbeat little museums and historic homes. We have museums for kids, for science buffs, for car lovers, for cultural explorers, and of course for movie and TV fans. Some of the city's most famous institutions are worth a trip to LA in their own right. Even some with more specialized interests draw experts and hobbyists from around the world. All of them are a great escape on a hot summer or rainy winter day.

Trying to find the best museums for you in an Alphabetized List of over 230 LA Museums is a little overwhelming, so I've broken them down into more manageable lists by interests. Whatever your interests, be sure to check out the list of LA's Most Unusual Museums below under By Theme. We have some really strange ones!

The number behind each Theme category is the number of museums and attractions in that category.

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