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Adventure Learning Vacations in Los Angeles


Looking for something new to try while you're in Los Angeles? Here are some lessons that can get you up to speed on the adventure of your choice or challenge your comfort level.

Surfing Lessons

Surfing in Huntington Beach
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Surfing Lessons in Santa Monica
Surfing Lessons in Huntington Beach
Surfing Lessons in Laguna Beach
Surfing with Katie surf lessons at various locations.


Paragliding lessons in Malibu for beginners to advanced. Guaranteed to get you in the air on the first day.

Trapeze and Aerial Arts

Trapeze School New York - Los Angeles offers flying trapeze lessons on the Santa Monica Pier. You can take a single lesson or a whole course.
Hollywood Aerial Arts in Inglewood offers Trapeze, Tissu, Hoop, Web and other aerial skills in single lessons or full courses. Private lessons are also available.
If you're in LA for a corporate meeting, you can use Cirque School instead of traditional team building exercises.

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