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Performance Workshops in LA

Acting, Comedy and Singing Lessons Available to Tourists in LA


So you fantasize about being an actor, singer or comedian. You might even be moderately successful in Boise, but you want to see if you can cut it in the big time, or maybe you just want to lose some inhibitions by taking an improv class. Here are some organizations with classes you can fit in to a short visit to Los Angeles.

The Berubians Theatre

The Berubians Theatre has an on-going series of comedy/acting/writing classes on Monday nights in Hollywood and will let you drop in on a class or two for free.

Stella Adler Los Angeles Studio of Acting

Stella Adler Los Angeles Studio of Acting in the heart of Hollywood will provide acting workshops for touring youth groups of 15 or more, or corporate team building workshops for groups of 25 or more. If you've ever thought of becoming a professional actor, they also offer a free 1 1/2 hour Actor's Initiation.

The New York Film Academy at Universal Studios Hollywood

This school offers week-long intensive workshops in acting, digital filmmaking and music video production.

TVI Actors Studio

TVI Actors Studio in Sherman Oaks has weekend intensive classes in Auditioning for TV & Film and Acting in Soaps.

Kimberly Jentzen

Jump into the basics with Kimberly Jentzen's Cold Reading Weekend Intensive Workshop offered every 4 to 6 weeks in Van Nuys. An audition/interview is required.

Comedy and Imrov Classes at ComedySportz

Many Comedy clubs have comedy school in multiple sessions, but ComedySportz offers one-day cram sessions in short-form improve comedy.

The Second City - Los Angeles

The Second City - Los Angeles periodically offers a 1-week intensive version of their improve and comedy writing classes.

The World Stage Jazz Vocal Workshops

Tuesday night drop-in jazz vocal workshops. Prepare a jazz standard for critique and get coached on your performance style at The World Stage in Leimert Park.

LA Music Academy Summer Program

Five-day music performance workshops with different themes.

International Dance Academy

Want to learn some dance moves for you music video? Anyone can sign up for one or more classes at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood.
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