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Star Struck in Los Angeles

LA Experiences Where you Can See TV and Movie Stars or Feel Like One


Attend an Awards Show

Morgan Freeman at the 2006 IDA Awards
© 2006 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
To sit in the bleachers at the Oscars, you need to register for a lottery six months in advance, but there are plenty of other awards ceremonies in Los Angeles that are open to the public.
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Film Festivals

Celebrity actors and directors often come out to support their films in local film festivals and LA has dozens of them. In addition to opening night, look for them at Q&A sessions after their films or as speakers on panels.
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Attend a Celebrity Fundraiser

Jimmy Kimmel on Stage
Photo © 2005 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
Many celebrities who live in the Los Angeles area are also active with charities they support. You'll find them at gala dinners, walkathons, poker tournaments, green festivals and other events. Check listings when you know your travel plans.

Book Signings, Book Fairs and Festivals

Michael J. Fox at the LA Times Festival of Books
Photo © 2009 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
Celebrities write books and come out to promote them at local book stores, book fairs. The annual LA Times Festival of Books and the West Hollywood Book Fair are great places to see celebrities, listen to them talk about their books and get autographs. On a regular basis, you'll find big name celebrities promoting their books at local book shops like Barnes & Noble at The Grove.

Celebrity Owned Restaurants

Geisha House Restaurant in Hollywood
Photo © 2009 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
There are almost as many celebrity-owned restaurants in Hollywood as celebrities. Most of them are only part owners and don't spend a lot of time at their restaurants, but do put in an appearance every now and again. You don't have to spend a fortune to eat at a celebrity-owned restaurant. Some of them are actually quite reasonable.

Best Nightclubs for Star Sightings

Friday night crowd at Avalon Hollywood Nightclub
Photo © 2009 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
The hot nightclubs for A-list and B-list celebrities change so fast that it's impossible to keep up, but here are some staples that have maintained their popularity, even if star density waxes and wanes.
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Shop Where Celebrities Shop

Rodeo Drive on a Starline Tour
Photo © 2005 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
This is certainly not a sure thing, but there are certain areas known for having a higher than average occurrence of celebrity sightings. Here are a few.

Where to Buy Celebrity Art

Cherie Currie
Photo courtesy of Cherie Currie Chainsaw Art Gallery
Artistic people are often artistic in more than one medium. Often actors and singers also dabble in the visual and tactile arts. Here are some galleries that represent the art of well-known actors and musicians.
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Get Your Own Star on the Walk of Fame

Starring You
Starring You
Starring You! lets you pose with your very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Don't forget to dress the part!
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The Hollywood Autograph Collectors Show

The Hollywood Autograph Collectors Show, AKA the Hollywood Show, takes place four times a year in Burbank, CA. Shows are usually held in February, April, July and October. The event gives fans a chance to get autographs signed and have their photo taken with a variety of celebrities. Each event has a different line-up of celebrities and features cast reunions from different classic TV shows, movies or music groups.

Check hollywoodshow.com for the next show date and details.

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