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Top 11 Ways to Work Out and See LA

LA Fitness Travel


For travelers who want to burn off all those calories from LA's top restaurants, here are ten fun ways to experience LA and stay fit at the same time.

1. Rollerblading on the Venice Boardwalk

Join bikini-clad babes and muscle-bound boys rolling through the outlandish street performers, artists and vendors on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. If you don't want to fight the crowd on the boardwalk - which is paved, not boards, by the way - you can aim your wheels toward the paved beach path.

2. Dancing at a Hollywood Hot Spot

People dancing at Basque
Photo © 2006 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
It doesn't feel like a workout, but burns plenty of calories. Don you party rags and shake your booty at any of the Top LA Dance Clubs.

3. Take a Walking Tour

Charles Phoenix Tour
Photo by Buz Carter courtesy of Charles Phoenix
The rumor that nobody walks in LA is blatantly false! Tourists do it all the time. There are walking tours from Venice Beach to Hollywood to Downtown LA. You get a much more personalized view of the neighborhoods on foot, and it helps burn off some of those rich vacation meals.

4. "Running from the Paparazzi" Tour of Beverly Hills

Running from the Paparazzi
Courtesy of Off and Running Tours
Off and Running Tours offers guided running tours of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, including the "Running from the Paparazzi" Tour, a 4-mile run from Wilshire Boulevard to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, through Hollywood and past eclectic shops on Robertson Boulevard.

5. Hike up Runyan Canyon

Runyan Canyon Park, Hollywood, CA
Photo © 2005 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
Just a few short blocks from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Runyan Canyon Park offers several hiking trails into the Hollywood Hills where you might chance upon actors and musicians out walking their dogs. There are some great views over Hollywood from the trails. The park entrance is at the north end of N. Fuller Ave. From Hollywood Blvd, Fuller is one block east of La Brea and the park is two blocks north on Fuller.

6. A Walk or Run at the Beach

Running on Hard Sand
Photo © 2007 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
With over eighty miles of coastline in the LA metro area, you're rarely more than an hour from the beach and usually much less.

Check out the Traveler's Beach Workout Gallery with fitness trainer Justin Rudd.

7. Biking on the Beach Path

Biking the Beach Path in Long Beach
Photo © 2006 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
If you'd rather ride than walk, there are over 25 miles of paved bike path right across the sand. One 20 mile stretch reaches from the northern edge of Santa Monica to Redondo Beach in the South. Another 5.5 mile stretch crosses Long Beach.

8. Go Surfing

You'll probably want a wet suit to join the surfers and boogie boarders in the cold Pacific waters off Southern California, especially in winter. You can surf at just about any beach in LA or Orange County except Long Beach, which has no waves due to the breakwater that protects Alamitos Bay and the Ports. Surfing lessons are available in Santa Monica and Huntington Beach.

9. Kayaking in Huntington Harbor

You can go ocean kayaking anywhere along the coast. There is also flat-water bay kayaking available at Huntington Harbor in Sunset Beach, around Naples Island in Long Beach and Newport Back Bay in Newport Beach.

10. Horseback Riding at Sunset Ranch

There's a reason Hollywood made a lot of cowboy movies. The horses and ranches are just on the other side of the Hollywood Hills.

11. Join an Outdoors Club Activity

If you want to get outdoors and see another side of LA, but you don't want to go alone, OutdoorsClub.org has activities all around Southern California that you can join in.
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