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Venice Beach Attractions

Things to Do in Venice, California


Venice, CA is a district of Los Angeles between Santa Monica and Marina del Rey. Although Venice is more than its beach, the terms Venice and Venice Beach are often used interchangeably. Named for its series of canals, Venice is known as a haven for creative types. It is famous for its bohemian boardwalk and for the eclectic Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Years of neglect led to high crime in the area, but recent gentrification has moved some gang activity elsewhere, but it's not completely gone. This does not usually impact tourist areas, however general safety precautions for travelers should be observed.
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1. Venice Beach Boardwalk

Break Dancers at Venice Beach
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Other than the Pacific Ocean itself, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the most visited destination in Los Angeles with 16 million visitors a year, and one of the top free things to do in LA. Ocean Front Walk is a stretch of pavement along the 3-mile length of Venice Beach. Over a mile of it is lined with funky shops, cafes and vendor booths. Colorful street performers and artists entertain visitors. The Muscle Beach outdoor gym, gymnastics playground, handball courts, paddle tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and skate Dancing Plaza attract hard-bodies exhibitionists to a public workout.

2. The Beach at Venice Beach

The beach in Venice Beach, CA
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The boardwalk isn't the only reason people go to the beach in Venice. They also go to enjoy the Pacific Ocean and the afternoon sunshine on the sand. Where else can you sunbathe to the sound of a drum circle?

Venice Beach Amenities

3. Abbott Kinney Blvd

Abbot Kinney Blvd has an eclectic mix of independent boutiques, restaurants, and night spots. This short stretch of shopping is one of LA's trendiest spots for less-traditional clothes and gifts. Although Abbott Kinney gets the most attention, the downtown area of Venice continues on Grand Blvd and Main Street. Each year the street is closed off for a weekend in September for the Abbott Kinney Festival.

4. Venice Canals - Venice, CA

Venice Canals
Photo: Altug Karakoc/Getty Images

When Abbot Kinney created his Venice of America development in 1905, he had 16 miles of canals dug to drain the marshland for residential construction. The majority of the canals were paved over in the 1920s to create roads for the new horseless carriages, but a few blocks of canals remain south of Venice Blvd about a block and a half inland from the beach. Although many of the homes around the canals were getting run down, they've now mostly been restored, creating a cute area to walk or paddle around. The canals do get a bit dry in summer.

5. Venice Beach Bike Path

Venice Beach Bike Path. A concrete bike path runs between the boardwalk and the sand and continues up the coast through Santa Monica making this a popular place for biking and roller skating. With a detour around Marina del Rey, you can also continue biking south to the Palos Verde Peninsula. Bike or skate rentals are available at these Venice Beach bike rental locations.

6. Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Monarch Butterfly
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A small lot at Pacific Avenue and 29th Street has been converted into a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary to offer the fluttery creatures a hospitable stop on their journey between Mexico and Northern California.


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