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Los Angeles Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Beyond the Bunny: Egg Hunts, Pageants &...
A guide to Easter Events Around Los Angeles, CA
Top 15 Things to Do in Hollywood
There are dozens of things to do in Hollywood, California, so deciding what to do in Hollywood can be a challenge. Here are some of the most popular things to see and do in Hollywood, CA.
2014 Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Pro Race...
Celebrity Racers scheduled to race in the 2014 Long Beach Grand Prix
Long Beach Grand Prix Schedule 2014
Weekend schedule for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach 2014
Top Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles
There are plenty of Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles from historic sites, museums and live theatre to sporting events and night life.
Your Guide to Getting TV Show Tickets in Los...
Information on how to get TV show tickets and attend a TV show taping in Los Angeles, CA, as well as which companies have tickets to which TV shows at which studios.
Universal Studios Hollywood Visitors Guide
Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. Page 2.
How to Best Get Around Los Angeles
Getting around Los Angeles by rental car, shuttles, shared transportation, taxi, Metro or bus
Visiting Los Angeles on a Budget? 13 Best Free...
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun in Los Angeles. Some of the most famous attractions are free. Here is a list of the top free things to do in LA.
Thai New Year in Los Angeles
Thai New Year in Los Angeles - Thai New Year Songkran Events in Los Angeles
Long Beach Grand Prix Insider
Long Beach Grand Prix Insider - Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Tips and tricks
Visit Los Angeles Museums for Free
A list of Los Angeles Museums with free admission days
Things to Do in Anaheim, CA
Orange County attractions and things to do in or near Anaheim, CA within half an hour of Disneyland California
Los Angeles for Kids
Some great activities to do with kids when visiting Los Angeles, CA
Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles
Romantic Los Angeles - Most romantic things to do in Los Angeles
Annual April Events in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Area Page 4.
Los Angeles Gardens
Los Angeles Botanic Gardens - Gardens in Los Angeles - The Most Beautiful Gardens in Los Angeles
How to Choose a Los Angeles Hotel
How to Choose a Los Angeles Area Hotel
Venice Beach Attractions
Venice Beach Attractions - The top things to do in Venice Beach, CA
Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions about Los Angeles
Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions about Los Angeles - things people believe about LA that are (mostly) untrue.
Foreign Currency Exchange in Los Angeles
Currency exchange options in Los Angeles. Tips on using and changing money in Los Angeles for foreign visitors. Where to change money in LA.
Best Couples Spas in Los Angeles
Best Couples Spas in Los Angeles - Most Romantic Couples Spas in Los Angeles
Top 9 Top Los Angeles Dance Clubs
A list of the most popular clubs in Los Angeles, CA for dancing
Top 6 A-List Nightclubs in Los Angeles
There are so many night clubs to choose from in Los Angeles and they come and go quickly. Here are some of the top nightclubs for hanging with the Los Angeles A-List - if you can get in.
Disneyland Tips and Tricks
Disneyland Tips and Tricks, tips for visiting Disneyland and Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California from getting the best deals on tickets to what to wear.
Things to do in Long Beach
Here's a list of the top things to do in Long Beach, CA from outdoor fun to landmarks, museums and attractions.
The Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2014
The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, Los Angeles County, the original Renaissance Faire is one of Southern California's longest running festivals. It takes place over multiple weekends in the spring.
What to Wear to Disneyland
Tips on what to wear and take with you to Disneyland. Page 3.
Top 16 Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles
Top Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles - Los Angeles Comedy Clubs
Driving in Los Angeles
Los Angeles has some unique driving customs. Here are some tips for Driving in Los Angeles so you don't stand out as a tourist.
One Day Los Angeles Self-Driving Tour
There is so much to see and do in Los Angeles. This one day Los Angeles itinerary is a driving tour that takes you through the highlights from Hollywood to Venice Beach in one day.
Top 6Los Angeles Indoor Shopping Malls
Top Indoor Shopping Malls in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County
Start Your Engines! with your Guide to the Long...
Guide to the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach including ticket prices, seating information and course information.
LA's Biggest Cinco de Mayo Events
Los Angeles has the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world, and probably the most different Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in its varied Latino communities. Here are some of the major events and festivities.
Best Los Angeles Theme Parks
A Guide to the Best Theme Parks in Los Angeles and Southern California
Disneyland Tickets
An overview of what kinds of tickets and ticket packages are available for Disneyland and Disney California adventure and where to buy tickets to get the best deal for you.
Top Long Beach Nightclubs and Bars
The best Nightclubs, Dance Clubs and Bars in Downtown Long Beach, CA
Where to See the Hollywood Sign
A photo of the view of the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA. Page 3.
San Pedro CA Photo Tour
The top things to do when visiting San Pedro, CA or cruising from the Port of Los Angeles
Earthquake Safety
Earthquake safety - What to Do During an Earthquake
Mother's Day in Los Angeles
A list of special events put on for Mother's Day in Los Angeles, CA including unique brunches at local attractions, cruises and other fun stuff.
Riding the Metro in Los Angeles
LA Metro Rates - Los Angeles Metro Rates. Page 3.
Renting a Car in Los Angeles
If you need to rent a car in Los Angeles, here are the best strategies for getting a deal or finding the specialty car you want.
Top Things to Do in LA
There are so many things to do in Los Angeles that it can be hard to choose. Start with these popular LA attractions based on annual number of visitors.
Tips for Visiting Disneyland with Young Children
Tips for visiting Disneyland with young children, Disneyland with kids, Disneyland with babies and toddlers. Page 4.
Los Angeles Trip Planner
What to Pack for Your Los Angeles Vacation. Page 7.
Santa Monica Attractions
Santa Monica Attractions - Fun things to do in Santa Monica, CA, California
Fiesta Broadway Cinco de Mayo Street Fair Los...
Fiesta Broadway Los Angeles - Fiesta Broadway Cinco de Mayo Street Fair Los Angeles
Beaches in Long Beach, CA
A guide to all the different beaches in Long Beach, CA with photos, descriptions, parking, amenities and activities at each beach.
Gourmet Food Trucks in Los Angeles: This Ain't...
My personal picks for some of the best gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles. Feel free to disagree.
Go Los Angeles Card
Go Los Angeles Card includes admission to over 30 top Los Angeles theme parks, museums and attractions for a flat rate. See the breakdown of whether it will save money for the things you want to do and see sample itineraries for maximizing savings.
Cambodian New Year in Long Beach
Cambodian New Year celebrations in Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA
Things to Do in LA
The best, most comprehensive guide to things to do in Los Angeles, CA. There are so many activities to choose from that it can be hard to decide what to do in LA. This comprehensive guide organizes hundreds of attractions, activities and events into easy-to-navigate categories. It includes all the famous things you've heard of doing in LA and a whole bunch of cool options you might not have.
Los Angeles Film Festival Calendar 2014 - Page...
A Calendar of annual Film Festivals presented in the Greater Los Angeles area, organized chronologically by month.
Star Struck in Los Angeles
A list of some of the best ways to get to see TV and movie stars in Los Angeles, as well as some activities to make you feel like a star yourself.
A Complete Visitors Guide to Disneyland California with tips for getting the best deals and making the most of your visit to the Disneyland Resort.
Best Los Angeles Museums
If you only have time to see a few museums of the hundred plus that are available, these are the most renowned of museums in Los Angeles.
Romantic Restaurants in Los Angeles
There are a variety of criteria that make a restaurant romantic. In addition to the requisite intimate tables, these are the most romantic Restaurants with a stunning view in Los Angeles.
RideMax for Disneyland
RideMax for Disneyland, using RideMax to reduce time spent waiting in line at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.
Southern California Greek Festival Schedule 2014
A guide to the many Greek Festivals in Southern California from Los Angeles and Orange County to Palm Desert and San Diego. These events celebrate Greek culture through food, music, dance, arts and crafts.
Queen Mary Visitors Guide
Queen Mary Hours, Admission and Parking. Page 5.
Guide to the Best Discount Offers in Los Angeles
You can save money on just about everything from restaurants and attractions to entertainment with these discounts.
Memorial Day Events Around Los Angeles 2013
Memorial Day Events for the whole family in and around Los Angeles, California
Goldstar Discount Tickets - Goldstar.com
Review of Goldstar Discounted Tickets, an American company providing discounted tickets to events in Los Angeles and other parts of the US.
Disneyland Resort for Beginners: Frequently...
Basic information for first time visitors to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA near Los Angeles
Whale Watching in LA
When and where to go Whale Watching in LA including tips on how to spot a whale in open water.
LA Air and Space Museums and Attractions
Los Angeles has a rich history in aviation and aerospace, so it's not surprising that the area is rich with air and space museums and attractions. Here are the best places to see historic and famous airplanes, helicopters, space craft and related artifacts, as well as places you can fly real fighter jets or operate simulators.
Los Angeles Beach Bike Rental
Here are some places you can rent bikes along the beach in Los Angeles and Orange County from Santa Monica to Laguna Beach. Many of them also rent skates, surreys and other equipment.
LAX FlyAway Shuttle
LAX Shuttle Bus - LAX FlyAway Shuttle Airport Transportation to Union Station, Van Nuys, Westwood, Los Angeles Airport shuttle
Restaurant.com - Review of Restaurant.com
Los Angeles Public Transportation
Los Angeles Public Transportation - Info on Los Angeles Public Transportation
LA Airports Guide
Los Angeles Airports - Guide to Los Angeles Airports
LA County Museum of Art Visitors Guide
LACMA Visitor Information - Hours - Location - Parking. Page 11.
Glen Ivy Spa - Visitors Guide and Photo Tour
Tips for Visiting Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Page 12.
Los Angeles Studio Tours
Here you will find a guide of 5 great suggestions for studio tours you should consider when visiting LA. Includes Paramount, Universal, Sony, and more.
Annual festivals and events in the Los Angeles and Orange County area in May. Page 5.
Things to Do in West Hollywood
West Hollywood is a city within Los Angeles adjacent to Hollywood that has its own attractions. Here are the top things to do in West Hollywood, CA from culture to shopping and nightlife.
Coolest Downtown LA Clubs and Bars
Hollywood may get more attention, but downtown Los Angeles has a more unique selection of bars and nightclubs than any other part of town.
Staying Safe in Los Angeles
A list of practical safety hints and tips for navigating Los Angeles, including what to say to a casting director and where to keep your camera.
July 4th in Los Angeles 2013
A guide to 4th of July fireworks and events around Los Angeles, the Valley and Orange County.
Southern California Water Parks
Southern California Water Parks - Los Angeles Water Parks
Six Flags Magic Mountain - Visiting Magic...
A guide to the height requirement for each ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Page 2.
Southern California CityPass
A Review of the Southern California CityPass, which offers discounted admission to Southern California theme parks
Tips for Eating at Disneyland
Tips for Eating at Disneyland. Los Angeles Travel. Page 2.
TCL Chinese Theater, formerly Grauman's Chinese...
A guide to TCL (formerly Grauman's) Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Disneyland Shopping Directory by Park Location
Disneyland Shopping by Park Location, an annotated directory of Disneyland shops by their location in Disneyland and which themed souvenirs they carry.
Griffith Observatory Visitors Guide
Griffith Observatory Visitor Information - Hours - Prices. Page 5.
Hollywood Boulevard
The History of Hollywood Boulevard, the most famous street in America.
Los Angeles Jazz Clubs
Los Angeles Jazz Clubs - Best Jazz Clubs in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Bus Tours
Guide to Hollywood and Los Angeles Tours by Bus, Van or Trolley including Movie Stars' Homes Tours.
Romantic, Quirky and Unusual Places to Propose...
Places to Propose in Los Angeles - From the ordinary to the extraordinary, the Best Places for a Marriage Proposal in Los Angeles, CA
LA Car Culture
LA Car Culture - A collection of Los Angeles attractions, activities and resources of interest to fans of cars and driving.
The Rooftop Bar at the Standard
Critical Details - Hours - Cover - Dress Code for The Rooftop Bar at The Standard. Page 6.
California Adventure
A Visitors Guide to Disney California Adventure theme park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California including how to get the best deals on tickets and to maximize your time at the park
Ethnic Festivals in Los Angeles
A list of popular annual Ethnic and Cultural Festivals in Greater Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Art Museums
Los Angeles is a world class art destination. Here are the best museums in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to art.
Long Beach Grand Prix Seating Gallery
Photos of seating areas at the Long Beach Grand Prix
Summer Concert Series Around Los Angeles 2013 -...
There are many Summer Concert Series Around Los Angeles, many of them free. Here is a two page list of some of the best Los Angeles Summer Concerts.
June Events in the Los Angeles Area - Los Angeles Events in June. Page 6.
Shows in LA
Information on shows you can see in Los Angeles, CA from concerts and plays to comedy and magic shows.
LA Beaches - The Best Guide to Los Angeles...
The best, most complete guide to Los Angeles area beaches, from the most famous to the most obscure, including photos, descriptions, allowed activities and parking options. Find the best beach for people watching, surfing, kiteboarding, avoiding crowds and much more.
What to Do in Catalina
What to Do in Catalina - Catalina Island, just off the Southern California coast, offers a variety of activities including some true adventures. Here is a list of the 10 most adventurous things to do in Catalina.
Hollywood & Highland
Hollywood & Highland is the Heart of Hollywood where movie iconography and kitsch museums rub elbows with the stars and star seekers.
Disneyland Conveniences
Tips for making the most of resources at Disneyland. Page 5.
What to Do at the Beach
If you're trying to figure out what to do at the beach besides just lie there, here are some suggestions for things to do at Los Angeles and Orange County Beaches from biking and kitesurfing to catching grunion.
Limousines in Los Angeles
If you'd rather not do the driving while you're in LA, use these resources for hiring a personal driver or chauffeured limousine service in Los Angeles, CA
The Seasons of Disneyland
A guide to the pros and cons of visiting Disneyland at different times of year.
Groupon.com Review
Groupon.com - Review of Groupon.com
Shopping in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Shopping Guide - Guide to Shopping in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Traffic
Los Angeles Traffic - Best Los Angeles Traffic Maps and Directions
The California Science Center
The California Science Center in Los Angeles is a top science museum with plenty of activities for kids and adults. This guide will help you make the most of your visit.
Disneyland Tips for Smokers
Disneyland Tips for Smokers - information on where you can smoke at Dijavascript:void(0)sneyland in Anaheim, CA
Los Angeles Music Festivals
Los Angeles Music Festivals - Best Los Angeles Music Festivals
LA Zoo
The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Griffith Park offers an opportunity for visitors to experience a variety of exotic and endangered animals and plants as well as some Southern California natives.
What is a FASTPASS at Disneyland and Disney's...
This article explains how the Disneyland FASTPASS system works to cut wait time and how to make the most of it.
Train Museums in LA
There are a variety of train museums and attractions in Los Angeles, each with a different focus. Whether you have a fascination for historic trains or modern rail riding, whether you like your locomotives full size or in miniature, LA has museums and attractions to feed your railroad fantasies.
LA Car Shows
A list of LA Car Shows from weekly car meets to annual classic car shows and new car expos.
Gondola Rides in Los Angeles and Orange County
A list of the locations where you can ride an Italian Gondola through inland waterways in Los Angeles and Orange County.
Cooking Classes in Los Angeles
Recreational Cooking Classes in LA - LA has a variety of cooking classes appropriate for visitors, from seasonal fare to baked goods, from ethnic meals to knife skills. Go home a better cook than you arrived.
Exposition Park
A guide to the museums and attractions at Exposition Park in Los Angeles, CA
Top 10 Los Angeles Luxury Hotels
A guide to the best luxury hotels in the Los Angeles area.
LA Boat Tours
A Guide to LA boat tours and cruises, whale watching, harbor tours, dinner, brunch and party cruises and more water tours around Los Angeles and Orange County.
Tips for Getting on the Guest List at LA Clubs
Tips for Getting on the Guest List at LA Clubs
Olvera Street
Olvera Street at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, Los Angeles, CA
The Sunset Strip
Where to find reasonably priced parking on the Sunset Strip. Page 18.
Union Station LA
A guide to what there is to see and do as well as modern transportation options at LA's Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.
Santa Monica Pier
A guide to the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA and all it's attractions and charms, from rides and games to fishing, restaurants, and events.
Get the Best Deals on Los Angeles Hotels
Strategies for getting the Best Deals on Los Angeles Hotels
Warner Bros Studio Tour
The Friends Set on the Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour. Page 6.
New Year's Eve LA Style 2013-2014
New Years Eve in LA - a list of The Top New Year's Eve Celebrations in and around Los Angeles, CA in all price ranges.
LA Tours
A Guide to the variety of Sightseeing Tours available of Los Angeles, California landmarks and attractions, including special interest tours.
Los Angeles Annual Events Calendar
A calendar of annual festivals and major events around Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California by month
Aquarium of the Pacific Visitors Guide
A guide to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA including an overview of what there is to see and do and how to make the most of your visit.
Getty Center
A Visitor's Guide to the Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA
Kijubi.com - Review of Kijubi.com Ticket Brokers
Kijubi.com is a discount ticket broker for reduced price tickets to attractions in Los Angeles and around the world including theme parks, tours and outdoor adventures.
Los Angeles Theatre
Overview of the Los Angeles Theatre scene and live theatre venues in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
The Huntington Library, Art Collections and...
The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens is a popular attraction near Pasadena, CA for anyone who loves gardens, art or has an interest in historically significant and rare books and manuscripts.
Awards Shows in Los Angeles
There are lots of Awards Shows in Los Angeles, including some that are open to the public.
Halloween Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours in Los...
A guide to the best Halloween Haunted Houses, Ships, Theaters, etc. and Ghost Tours around Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Page 2.
Angels Flight
Angels Flight is a one block cog railway in Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Weather
Los Angeles Weather and Climate Info including average temperatures and different climate areas within greater Los Angeles.
July Events in the Los Angeles Area - Los Angeles Events in July. Page 7.
Zeppelin Airship Tours of Los Angeles by...
Zeppelin Airship Tours of Los Angeles - Airship Ventures Eureka Zeppelin Airship Tours of Los Angeles
Romantic Los Angeles Part 2 - More Romantic...
In my first article on the Most Romantic Things to Do in LA I couldn't fit everything in, so here are even more romantic things to do in Los Angeles for every taste.
Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Renaissance Pleasure Faire Photo Gallery

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